Cat Grooming Glove
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Magic Cat Grooming Glove

Traditional cat brushes and combs normally rip, tear, or roughly pull cats fur away from the body. This can result in your cat feeling annoyed and stressed at brushing times. You may even find that you've had to cut the grooming session short due to a cat that just won't sit still. The new cat grooming hand brush solves that problem by turning your grooming session into a bonding one.

Now, your cat will enjoy the feeling of being petted while you enjoy removing loose fur in a gently manner. The glove design allows you to get into spots a brush just wouldn't be able to reach comfortably and lets you stimulate the skin for a healthier cat coat. You'll find your cat happy to sit and soak up the attention of being groomed and content to do a 'sitting' anytime. At the end of your session, simply pull away one big piece of collected fur and place in the bin. Easy! 

You can buy either a right hand or left hand glove to suit your needs and in a variety of colors. As with all our orders, love it or get a full refund.

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Cat Grooming Glove
$ 14.90
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